Struggling with marketing strategy?

Like your doctor working to diagnose  your ailment, your marketing general practitionerprescribes the solution to your ailment. Although I am based in Madison, WI, I help clients across the country.

So you admit you’re struggling with marketing strategy. Congratulations! Admitting you have problem is the first step on the path to better marketing strategy health. And who better than a marketing general practitioner to help you build a strategy to successfully and profitably grow revenue, satisfaction, retention and loyalty (referral).

Many organizations struggle to optimize their marketing. They experience pain, such as:

  • Uncertainty around the best tactics or channels to use; which should I invest in?
  • Frustration in not fully understanding their position in the marketplace relative to the competition, thus failing to differentiate themselves effectively;
  • Annoyance with siloed marketing channels and touchpoints, creating confused customers from inconsistent messaging;
  • Frustration around not getting, growing and keeping customers as well as they could be, because they are not optimizing their marketing investments; or attaining or maintaining a truly customer-centric business.

But they ignore the pain hurting their marketing efforts.

And yet, they ignore their pain, especially when that pain is minimal or does not have huge adverse consequences. They may say, “Yeah, we are still growing despite the pain…” But like any pain, it often grows and becomes unbearable. Or the early pain could point to a much larger issue that could have disastrous consequences for you down the road when it could have been resolved or greatly minimized had we acted sooner.

In the real world of our health, its one reason we make an annual check-up appointment with our primary care physician, to identify and then prevent problems before they adversely impact us beyond a point of no return. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get that appointment quickly when chronic pain rears its ugly head.

A marketing general practitioner will work to cure your marketing pain.

What if you had a primary care physician who showed up to your appointment on-time, asked you the right questions, and ordered the right diagnostics to better identify the problems in your overall health that needed to be addressed? That doctor presented prescriptions in a matter of days, clearly outlining the solutions that could get you back to excellent health and showing you what that would cost you. You’d be happy to work with that physician, wouldn’t you? It’d save you a lot of time and worry. A better use of your time to tap into the doctor’s experience and expertise instead of relying on WebMD, the Mayo Clinic website, or the advice of your dear uncle who knows a friend who had similar symptoms.

Well marketing is no different. And I am your general physician. I will ask you the right questions and run you through simple diagnostics that will give us a better picture of your overall marketing health. And I will share what that health looks like in an easy-to-understand visual across five marketing mainstays (think the equivalent of your circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems, as well as your emotional and mental health). And then I will give you a single page plan to get your marketing organization back to health, showing how the projects recommended align to your company’s and marketing department’s objectives. Oh, and you will see a good estimate of the costs of implementing the plan on that page, so it’s easy for your CEO and CFO to review and approve.

Contact me today to schedule your appointment to get your marketing back to health.

Published by Steve Mintz

A Marketing strategy and technology consultant with over twenty years of marketing experience in CRM, digital and direct marketing, loyalty, satisfaction, research and analytics.

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