Optimize Marketing Strategy Quickly

A practical and prescriptive method for crafting a marketing strategy.

The method includes a series of easy-to-use assessments, tools and templates that help your organization develop a concise and realistic strategy, quickly.  The resulting strategy serves as the roadmap for your forthcoming marketing-related projects.

What makes the Marketing TO WINTM method so effective?

1. ALIGNMENT – Each of the 4 Steps in the method are intentionally designed to create alignment between the overall corporate or departmental objectives and ultimately, each of the marketing projects in the strategy.

2. STRUCTURE –  The method provides a structured approach for crafting the strategy. All too often, strategy projects get “stuck in the weeds” or simply get off-track. The Marketing TO WIN® method avoids these pitfalls by providing the structure to stay focused and complete the process more quickly.


Steve Mintz is a strategic, analytical, and innovative marketing strategy geek who has worked in every function in marketing (except graphic design- and trust us, you don’t want him designing your ads and assets). Steve has been helping companies to grow revenue, satisfaction, retention and loyalty/referrals for more than 25 years by optimizing their marketing and creating new programs.  Over that time he has learned, developed and tested numerous methods, and developed a series of tools that ultimately came together to become Marketing TO WINTM.  Consider Steve your marketing general practitioner who prescribes marketing solutions to optimize your marketing health.

Steve Mintz

Method Creator

And your marketing general practitioner keeping your marketing department healthy

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I am your general physician. I will ask you the right questions and run you through simple diagnostics that will give us a better picture of your overall marketing health.

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I’ve been on a journey to optimize marketing for over thirty years and I have found the winning method to creating effective marketing strategy quickly and easily. Learn more about my journey